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* Do you know what the rDNS is?

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rDNS, also known as Reverse DNS, is doing the mirror action of the forward DNS, which links the hostname/domain to the IP address. In other words, the rDNS links the IP address to the domain/hostname. This type of DNS service is very useful for email verifications and troubleshooting.

rDNS lookups query DNS servers for a PTR (pointer) record. If the server does not have a PTR record, it cannot resolve a reverse lookup. PTR records store IP addresses with their segments reversed, and they append '' or '' to that.

As we already said, the rDNS is very important for the Mailbox provider filtering. A common practice for Mailbox providers is to check for Forwarding Confirmed Reverse DNS records. Many of them, including Gmail and Yahoo, will block email coming from a mail server that does not have rDNS in place.

If you need more information, we recommend you to read the following text about the rDNS!